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Welcome to Xenit's open source projects!

We at Xenit are strong believers in open source, we feel that we have gotten so much from open source and we try to give as much back as possible as part of our daily work.

This page hosts our general documentation but we also store documentation close to our source code which can give you extra needed context.

Here are a few of our projects.

  • terraform-modules stores all our Terraform code and the base for XKF.
  • azure-devops-templates contains both GitHub and Azure DevOps templates for our CI/CD solution.
  • azad-kube-proxy is an auth proxy for kubernetes used in XKF.
  • gitops-promotion is a small Go application that we have built to auto update our GitOps repositories, instead of having to write complex shell scripts.
  • git-auth-proxy is a proxy to allow multi-tenant sharing of GitHub and Azure DevOps credentials in Kubernetes.
  • github-actions is a Go application that automatically prepares Terraform state management and a container image to run in Terraform pipelines.

We have many more open source projects so feel free to look around in